Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships

Michael Jordan

We’ve been waiting for you.

We always look for hardworking, innovative, determined and creative new teammates who will be with us on our journey to improve every day.

We can achieve more together...

First, we believe that people should be passionate about their careers and take them seriously. Not only should team members provide inspiration and support to one another, but also they deserve recognition for their hard work, even when the outcomes are not entirely successful.

Everyone should feel supported if they want to make improvements. A successful career involves fulfilling and rewarding experiences, having fun, and a balanced lifestyle. Therefore, we must enjoy our jobs not just for the monetary benefits it brings but also because there is a multitude of other reasons why it is satisfying, such as feeling appreciated by our colleagues or having meaningful conversations together.

From our founder to the newest team member, Epigra exists to realize these ideals and make them "possible". So you can expect project variety, professional growth, influence on our future (and yours), and teammates who care.

By sharing what we believe, we're so proud that more than a third of our team has been with us for over two years, staying above the industry average.

We're looking forward to meeting everyone who can grow and develop these ideals and dreams together.



User is always right. We always try to create permanent solutions by identifying the real reasons and expectations behind their needs.

Learn & Be Curious

Always improve. Be curious about new possibilities, always ask questions and seek answers to come up with solutions.

Take Ownership

Take ownership of outcomes and never say “that’s not my job.” Act on behalf of the entire company and see things through.

Passion Required

Passion is at the heart of our company because we love what we do. We are genuinely excited by production.

Focus on Good Results

Even though we know that speed and budget matter in today's modern business world we do not compromise on quality.

Be Realistic

Always think again. Make decisions based on evidence and data. Insight beats instincts and data beats opinion.

Relentlessly High Standards

Raise your standards to broaden your vision and deliver the highest quality outcome and experience for the users.

Simplify Complexity

Simple solutions can be found for the most complex problems. We know that time is our most valuable resource.

Epigrian = Human

Love, honesty, trust and respect are in our DNA. We're all human and we care about humanity, animal welfare and the environment.

What we do and don't

take responsibility don't pass over

want better don't sacrifice quality for profit

empathize don't just think about ourselves

obsess over the details don't neglect

value relationships don't do ego

exceed expectations don't make promises we can't keep

break things, make things don't give up

believe in equality can't come to injustice

create trust don't abuse

What old Epigrians say about us

My two years with Epigra were some of the best working years I have ever had. The team I was part of were all hardworking, friendly and dedicated individuals; I truly felt that we worked together in perfect harmony. Uğur provided excellent guidance and mentorship, creating a positive working environment where everyone was committed to achieving the highest possible results. Everyone respected each other and communicated openly, making collaboration effective and enjoyable. If you are looking for an equal-opportunity workplace with an experienced team and strong leadership, then I highly recommend Epigra.
Gökhan Akkurt - Senior iOS Engineer, Zalando
Gökhan Akkurt
Senior iOS Engineer, Zalando
I laid the foundation of my developer life in Epigra. I worked as a front-end developer at Epigra for 2 years, but I learned front-end development and all other web technologies here. The supervisors and mentors showed incredible patience in helping me learn the development fundamentals. This allowed me to advance my career as a developer with solid foundations. I happily recommend Epigra to aspiring developers looking for a fantastic learning experience and an awesome working environment.
Berkay Özen - Lead GIS Engineer, Getir
Berkay Özen
Lead GIS Engineer, Getir
Working at Epigra for 4 years was the perfect place to kickstart my professional business life. Not only did I gain invaluable knowledge on software development, but also key skills in customer management and project management. The company is committed to keeping up with emerging technologies while offering employees an abundance of resources to grow their capabilities. It's much more than just a digital agency; it feels like a big family that strives towards excellence every single day!
Göktuğ Hatipoğlu - PHP Developer, Jotform
Göktuğ Hatipoğlu
PHP Developer, Jotform
Having worked at Epigra for almost two years, I can say with absolute certainty that the company was the best decision of my career as a full-stack developer. Following my brother's suggestion (who also worked at Epigra) to join, I saw first-hand how the organization cultivates a culture of continual development and growth for its employees. Everyone at Epigra cares deeply about the success of their team members, helping them reach new heights when it comes to productivity and creativity. Their guidance and mentorship are top-notch, always challenging us to push past our idea boundaries and strive for bigger goals. Without ever feeling overwhelmed or unappreciated, I was able to reach milestones in my development that I could have never managed on my own - huge thanks to the team at Epigra!
Serkan Şahin - Full Stack Engineer, Superpeer
Serkan Şahin
Full Stack Engineer, Superpeer
I feel truly fortunate that I started my career with Epigra in 2011. It was an invaluable experience; after all, that is where I learned the basics of PHP and began to work with Uğur at a time when even Epigra was a part of a big dream. After years, I have gone on to manage development teams for several high-profile companies, and Epigra is as you know it. There is no doubt that my success so far has been due in large part to the foundation of knowledge and experience from my early days at Epigra. Therefore, it is with sincere gratitude that I recommend this company to anyone looking for an opportunity to get their start in development or to refresh the skills they have built over time -Epigra can provide you with the knowledge, experience and network you need for success! Until our paths cross again, thank you!
Yiğit Sayan - Technical Lead, Locafy
Yiğit Sayan
Technical Lead, Locafy