Ecofolio - Kitle Fonlama Platformu

To provide entrepreneurs and investors with a superior modern experience, we collaborated with Letven Capital to redesign and comprehensively develop the interface of Ecofolio, a leading crowdfunding platform

What We Did
  • Back-End Development
  • Front-End Development
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Corporate Website (CMS)
  • Corporate Identity & Branding
  • Web User Interface (UI) Design
What We Used

Ecofolio is the first and only equity-based crowdfunding platform in Turkey, that is managed on a participation basis as a subsidiary of an asset management company that manages venture capital investment fund and ensures that the companies it funds have a certificate of authorisation.


In the competitive environment of crowdfunding platforms, it was essential to create a unique site that instils trust and credibility while providing a seamless user experience across different campaign types and interactions.

Solution Proposal

We adopted a tailored design approach that prioritises transparency and credibility through clear signage and user testimonials. By integrating unique design elements and intuitive user navigation, we aimed to differentiate the platform from competitors and provide a streamlined experience for all campaign interactions.


In the first week of its launch, the platform successfully attracted a large number of entrepreneurs and investors and millions of Turkish Lira worth of funding was secured. This interest was a testament to our user-friendly interface and trust-inspiring design concept.

Letven Capital, who wanted to add a new one to their success in the financial world, approached us to launch Ecofolio, a state-of-the-art crowdfunding platform that will redefine market standards. Through meetings and workshops, we were able to uncover the essence of both Letven and Ecofolio, forming the foundation of our design and development journey. Through research, iterative prototyping and continuous collaboration, we transformed this core Ecofolio dream into a true digital experience. When Ecofolio goes live, we are happy and proud that we have not only created a platform, but also brought an innovative crowdfunding platform to Turkey's entrepreneurship ecosystem.

A different crowdfunding platform experience

In order to better emphasise the importance of crowdfunding, we determined our concept as creative/investor geniuses throughout the site and aimed to create a different and modern world with visuals created with Midjourney and AI by following current design trends.