ESA E-Sports

We designed the corporate website of ESA E-Sports, one of Turkey's leading and most successful initiatives in the e-sports and video games industry, and developed and launched a tournament system that can be used for different games.

What We Did
  • Back-End Development
  • Front-End Development
What We Used
ESA E-Sports

Founded in 2018, ESA Esports is focused on the video game and esports industry. It is based in Turkey and has the largest esports arena in the country, as well as high-tech digital broadcasting studios. In 2022, ESA Esports was selected as the "VALORANT Ecosystem Partner" by Riot Games for the Turkey region and is responsible for organizing and running the VALORANT Regional League Turkey: Birlik, as well as various tournaments and community events related to the game. ESA Esports aims to be a market leader in Turkey and a significant player in the global esports industry.

To design and develop a website for ESA E-Sports, our target audience was exclusively digital natives and most of them were gamers. For this reason, we considered the preferences of the gaming community when designing the website, including factors such as aesthetics, usability, and overall ease of use. We gathered all the requirements and identified the needs of the website, such as the ability to show information about the company and ESA E-sports Arena, as well as gaming events and tournaments, and delivered this energetic, clean website that we are happy to be a part of ESA E-Sports' successful journey!

Custom Tournament Management System

We have integrated our Tournament Management System that we designed for Valorant Turkey into this project, which includes registration processes for players or teams to register for the tournament, rules of participation, and detailed screens for rankings, match schedule and results to track the performance of teams or players throughout the tournament.