Paylaş Büyüsün

Together with Dr. Yankı Yazgan, his team Güzel Günler and our partner agency Sağlık Bahçesi, we launched Paylaş Büyüsün, a sharing platform for children and young people.

Our Partner: Sağlık Bahçesi
What We Did
  • Android App Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Front-End Development
  • Design
  • Web User Interface (UI) Design
What We Used
Paylaş Büyüsün websitesini kim yaptı?

Paylaş Büyüsün web sitesinin Android App Development, Back-End Development, Front-End Development, Design, Web User Interface (UI) Design, çalışmaları Epigra taraıfndan yapılmıştır.

2023 yılı itibariyle İstaç Android App Development, Back-End Development, Front-End Development, Design, Web User Interface (UI) Design, alanlarındaki projelerinde Epigra ile çalışmaktadır.

We have developed a child and adolescent development forum, Paylaş Büyüsün, to educate parents on a variety of topics. The platform (also named as PIE) provides a safe and supportive space for parents to ask questions, share experiences, and interact with other parents and child and adolescent development experts. We have worked closely with our partners Sağlık Bahçesi and Yankı Yazgan (Güzel Günler) to ensure that the forum is user-friendly and easy to navigate. We have also implemented several features to encourage community engagement and facilitate discussions. We are proud to have created a valuable resource for parents who want to learn more about child and adolescent development.

Easy and understandable design, clear data architecture...

We have developed an easy to understand navigation with categorised content that allows users to quickly and easily find the information they are looking for and use the system intuitively.

iOS/Android Mobile Applications

We have also developed native mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms to provide parents with convenient access to the platform via their mobile devices. The app made it easy for parents to keep up to date with new discussions and content and provided an alternative way to access the forum if they don't have a computer or prefer to use their mobile devices. The mobile app also allowed us to reach a wider audience, as some people prefer to use apps rather than access websites on their devices. We have worked closely with our partners to ensure that the mobile application is user-friendly and provides a seamless user experience.